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out side temp guage stop working

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my sxt "b" package model's outide temp guage is stuck on 46 is at least 60 out . has any one else had this problem? i just got this machine 3 days ago so maybe i did something to lock it,that dosent make sence.
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Not to often have I heard of the ambient temperature sensor to quit working. It's possible the sensor is bad. Is it still stuck at 46 F? Also, for the sensor to give an accurate reading the vehicle does have to be driven over 20 mph for approximately 3 miles. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info. u are correct it works after a few miles. my mercury changes quickly. relieved to know it wasn;t the start of electrical problems.
I have an SXT 'c' package on order.... I'm pretty sure it comes with a 'compass and temp gauge' ... where does this information display inside the vehicle? Is it in the instrument cluster, or somewhere else? Would love to know....

On my SXT the temperature is displayed where the odometer reading is. Advance through the different displays using the button on the cluster itself. For those with the EVIC system is completely different. Hope this helps.
That helps a lot... thanks! I think EVIC only comes on SLTs and up?

No worries... cool to know where it will be.
My SLT with EVIC has much the same issues with the temp reading, I don't trust it at all. One of four electical malfunctions on this machine in less than 2500 miles.
What were the other 3 malfunctions? (you don't sound too happy...)
I'm not very happy with a new vehicle wondering what will screw up next. I mean I've owned Dodges since my '54 in high school and the Nitro is a disapointment.
The one-touch up in the driver's window went first, then it did the two inches at a time trick when I tried to roll it up.
Then the dash did the "reboot", cutting out the radio and then flashing all the indicator lights before returning to normal.
I work on power plants and really don't need these issues when I'm several hundred miles from home.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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