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The TR-7 does exactly with the MAX675VD (and probably just about any DVD head unit) as it does with the Alpine unit. You can watch video while driving without having to use a switch. It's automatic. This write-up reflects what I did to install my MAX675VD but it will be very similar for any vehicle or head unit.

TR-7 Documentation
Programming Flowchart:
(This documentation is included when you buy the TR-7)

Installation (Clarion and other application)

Basically there are only several wires of the TR-7 which are used for this application. Not all the wires coming out of the TR-7 are used. Here are the wires which come out of the TR-7 that will be used and where they need to be connected to:

  • Black - chassis ground (can use any ground wire or ground point. I connected to to the black/white wire from factory radio harness)
  • Red - +12V (use accessory power wire. No need for the TR-7 to have power when the car is off. I connected to the cigarette lighter +12V – I think that wire is green/white)
  • Green - head unit remote wire (+12V remote from the back of the head unit. The MAX675VD remote wire is blue/white)
  • White - head unit parking brake input wire (parking brake wire coming out of the head unit. This is the wire that tricks the head unit into thinking that the parking brake is pulled. The MAX675VD parking brake wire is grass-green and is much longer than all of the other MAX675VD wires)

    Only use for Apline head units (?):
  • Blue - Alpine head unit foot brake input wire (NOT needed for Clarion and most other applications)

The brown and orange wires are not needed and should not be used.

Manual bypassing the TR-7
If you would like to still have a switch for those times you might want to bypass the TR-7, you can install a switch between the TR-7 white wire and your head unit’s parking brake input wire (grass-green for the MAX675VD).

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I used a similar module to the one DK used on his Nitro. I also have the Clarion Max675vd and athe Nax970HD.

The newer units use a pulse signal versus just looking for a ground from the the parking brake so you need a module like DK posted above.

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