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I plan to take my family camping at the end of July with a rented camper. We have a hitch on our Ford Mondeo but it has a 1.8 Liter I4 motor and would not pull the camper as well as the 4.0 L V6 Nitro will. So on Wednesday I started looking for a trailer tow package for the Nitro.

I knew I would be able to find one but was anxious about finding someone who would ship to an APO (Army Post Office Address). I first called the guys at They told me that they do ship to APO but did not know if the box for the hitch receiver was too big and the guy on the phone was to lazy to go measure it. Their prices were also kinda high.

Next I wrote everyone on eBay who was selling a hitch and asked if they would ship to APO and that is where I found Mechanicsville Dodge.

So on Thursday evening I called Christy and man I can not tell you how helpful she was. She spent anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes with me on the phone and at no time did she come across as impatient or bothered. She seemed to be very concerned about helping me get exactly what I wanted, almost as if she was buying it for herself.

So on Friday morning, I did a BUY IT NOW on the hitch receiver with a message to please add the bezel and wiring harness to the invoice. Got home from work on Friday and I had the complete invoice waiting for me on eBay which I immediately paid.

Now I just needed the hitches and balls. I called Christy to purchase two hitches and two balls to insure that I will have the correct height for any trailer that I pull.

Christy let me know that my shipment was getting ready to go and then she gave me the bad news!!! The box for the hitch receiver was too big to be shipped Priority mail. It would have to be shipped parcel post which takes 6- 8 weeks!!! Our camping trip begins on 30 July so I knew I was taking a chance that the hitch would not arrive in time but ordered it anyway.

I sent Christy and email and asked to please talk to the post office and determine if it can go Priority mail.

Well I just got up this morning and had an email waiting for me from Christy. She called the post office yesterday and found out that packages being shipped Priority can only be 108 inches length and girth at the largest point. The hitch receiver package is 109 inches!!!! In her email, Christy stated that first thing Tuesday morning (she is off on Mondays) she and her boss are gonna get the box for the hitch receiver and do everything they can to get it below the 108 inches.

So long story short, this is one of the best shopping experiences I have had with an automobile dealer.

I am in no way affiliated with Page Auto Group Mechanicsville Dodge other than I am a very happy customer!

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well since you brought it up i'll let people here know my horror story with Page Auto Group. in late 2003 my wife and i were looking to buy a new honda accord. page honda and dodge are in the same location just so you know. well we went in knowing what the invoice price of the car was. msrp was $28,000 and invoice was $24,000. we went in knowing that we werent paying any more than invoice price. people may say thats asking alot but it really isnt. i have never paid more than invoice on any car i've ever bought and no one should cause the dealer is getting a kickback anyway so they make money no matter what. so back to the story...after about 2 hours of the usual raise the price of car im buying and lower the amount of trade-in and so its always the same price no matter what we finally said "look we are paying invoice or not at all" he says "i still have 2003's on the lot that we have to get rid of and i cant sell you a 2004 at that price but i can sell you a 2003 for $24,000". i told him "i cant help the fact that you guys cant sell your left over last years models. i want this years for that price". he gives us the old "i gotta talk it over with my sales manager" which is b.s. cause they already know what they can sell it for. so he comes back a few minutes later and takes the paper hes been working all the numbers on and draws to circles on it. he then tells my wife and i that one circle is the moon and the other is the earth and that were on the moon and we need to come back down to earth. well not another word was said and we just got up and walked out. so we get home and i emailed a dealer over 75 miles away for a quote on the exact same car he wouldnt sell me. they actually quoted me $23,500. so we left right away that same day and picked it up. the next day the page salesman called me back and asked me if i was still interested in buying a 2003 for the $24,000. i laughed at him and said "i just bought a 2004 for less than i was asking you for one". i told him "even if you had called me up and offered me the exact car i bought for less i still wouldnt have bought it from you after the way you insulted us with your little earth and moon comment". i have to this day not stepped foot in any Page showroom and have made it my life's goal to tell this story to anyone i know looking for a new car.
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