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I was surfing net and found out that there is a such beautiful forum for Nitros. Couple days ago I burned with idea to make my nitro ideal in technical condition. I' ve always had 2 problems : TPM system and park assist system.
About TPM system: i have a problem in periodically disappearing tpm sensors. Their values on computer disappear for about 5 minutes and then come back. And couples day ago my front right tpm sensor just stopped to show value at all. I bought a new one, set it, and no value still. I did diagnostics and found out that there are 2 type of diagnotics: simple one and dodge unique diagnostics. The first one shows that rear left sensor doesn't send any signal and dodge diagnostics shoes that rear right. But both diagnostics shows that front right sensor is all right.
About parking assist system: year ago my left rear park assist sensor started to make me troubles. Park assist sensor worked for some seconds and then it just made sound without stopping. And in driving progress i saw on computer that it started to work and stopped to worked periodically , even when i was driving. Fault just showed up and disappeared and again again. Also couples days ago i changed it and it worked ok for 3 days. And same repeats.

Maybe anyone met such problems? Everything other works just fine. I would be very grateful if anyone here knows the answer because all services in my city(Latvia, Riga) can't do anything and I have no one to ask:(
P.S. Sorry for my english skills, tried my best without translator
Big Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum @Henry Broben. When you have a chance, head over to the Newbie Section (<click this) and say "Hi".
Tell us a little about yourself and your ride.
That way we can welcome you all proper like.

The TPM sensor you replace needs to be of the correct frequency. US and export versions use different ones.
US= 315 MHz
Euro= 433 MHz
If the new sensors work on the correct frequency, and are for a Nitro, the system will learn the serial # and locations. You must drive 20 mph + and is best to have no other C/J/D vehicles around.
If you are in traffic, the Nitro will get confused because it will also pick up the sensors in the rigs around you.
If it gets confused (after about ten minutes) it will not look for new sensors again until after a shut down for 30 minutes and a restart.

But the backup sensor brings to mind another thing I remember from a long time ago.
There was a member with a TPM sensor problem that we could not solve. Then he found a pinched wire harness around or under the rear seat. This may be the cause of both your problems.
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