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Passenger Airbag Disable Indicator Light

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I could swear that when I got my Nitro new the PAD light was off when no one was in the passenger seat. Now it is on all the time, unless someone big is sitting in the seat. I can understand the light coming on if a child or a light object is placed on the seat, but I do not like that it is on when nothing is on the passenger seat. Am I right that the light is off if no one or nothing is on the seat?
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You know mine did the same thing this weekend. My friend mentioned to me how does it know when someone is sitting in the seat. I said sensor on the seat, but then I was going back to the motel room and my friend get out and the light came on and then he sat down and it went out and has not come on again.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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