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Photos Of Progress

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Here are some updated photos of our project custom NITRO, it is very similar to the CGS NITRO. I will be posting PICS in the chassis suspension wheels and tires portion this week when we put the new Tires and Wheels on it.

Here are the current Specifics of the NITRO as it sits:

2007 NITRO SLT (24G PKG)
Heated Leather
6 Disc CD MP3 Player with Premium speakers/subwoofer.

MOPAR Stainless NITRO Door Sills
Rear Emblems Shaved
Front N I T R O Lettering added
Custom Two-Tone CGS Theme Paint
E&G Classic Mesh Grille Inserts
MOPAR Chrome Front Accent Panel (bumper)

Wheels and tires still to come (see link & description in susp. wheels & tires section)

Let me know what you think.
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Looking good, but I think it's gonna be those wheels & tires that will make folks say WOW.:pepper:
I agree, now I wish they would just get here!!! Wheels are in, Tires were supposed to be here today.
What do you think of the E&G Mesh Grille? I've been looking at various grille & grille covers on eBay. Mesh... billet... slat... all look good. Does the mesh come precut and ready to go? I like it.
HuffDaddy, the pin stripe sets off the two tone paint perfectly. So the tires are MIA. Hope someone didn't hi-jack them in transit. By the way, thanks so much for contributing to various threads on the forum. Now if you could only provide the date that MyGIG will begin installation at the factory you would be everyone's hero! Have you generated lots of local interest with this vehicle?
top gun , I put an E & G mess grill in my 05 Dak . It came cut to fit & they are very high quality, I'm sure the one for the Nitro would be the same. One thing though just to be safe I sprayed 2 coats of duplicolor clear on it first before install might have been overkill but better safe than sorry.
The E&G is good quality, it does go over the original grille not a replacement but as you can see it still looks good. I will see if I can find out anything about the MYgig. DCX Likes to give dealers the same lines some of the time so we will see if I can come up with a real answer.
HUffD, did you have to take the grille off to install the mesh inserts?
Why did you go with mesh inserts instead of a full mesh grill?
We did not remove the grille but it would make it easier. We went with inserts because we like E&G Classic, they make great grilles, inserts etc. (we use their 300 Grille a lot) Always a good product and IMHO I think they look good.
New pics with wheels are on my thread in the Wheels tires and susp. section.
What's with the chrome wheels? Did you have them polished?
Nitro, those are the stockers. No polish. It now has black wheels.
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