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Plastics on side of driver's seat

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Well I was getting out of my nitro and the plastic on the side of the seat cushion broke. The clips went flying off of the inside. I'm no fat ass so I don't understand why this broke so easily. I am only 165lbs. Anyone else have this happen? Will this be covered under the warranty or am I going to be paying an S load out of pocket just to get another piece? Oh I looked but there is no way its salvageable. All the clips that clip into the side of the cushion frame are broke off and still clipped into the frame. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Hint: Sounds like a defective part to me. :smileup:
Well I would have to disagree with NTech on this one. The one on our seat has now been replaced 3 times and I heard the telling snap just yesterday when getting out of the car - so next time it goes in for the list they can replace it again. 4 defective parts? :confused: I don't think!
You obviously have missed my hint for VinnyC.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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