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Lately I have been having a few new lights pop up on my dash than i've experienced in the past.

The engine light has come on, along with the ESP/BAS light and the car with the squiggles behind it. this has caused my cruise control to stop working, and from reading that the ESP/BAS does, my traction control is theoretically no longer working (I have not experienced any worse driving quality though)

After doing some research I unplugged the battery and left it for about an hour then came back and hooked back up, once started the lights were not there, which was good news!

I went to test the cruise control and it is still not working, and at this point no dash lights are on. I drove around for about 15 minutes and the ESP/BAS lights came back on with the emblem of the car and squiggles but no engine light and cruise still not working (was going about 60 mph to test).

If there's anything anyone can think of, i'm up to trying it.. Definitely would like to avoid taking to a dealer if I can
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