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possible to lose mpg?

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i installed a cai and a flowmaster series 70 muffler, is it possible to lose mpg as time goes on? i thought i should improve...i did improve at first but seems to be going downhill.the performance is better. i don't drive an different now that i did in the past. i live in a town that has stop lights every damn block but still.....
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One possible problem could be your tires. Probably isn't, but your tires could be a little low decreasing your MPG. Another "probably not the case" is the intake you put in. Is it a K&N or a $2 paper-thin CAI? I don't know. I'd just check the tires and make sure that everything is hooked up as it should be.
You might not think you drive different......but you do. To make more HP takes more fuel, (Newton and all) and I will bet you step a little deeper in the throttle now than you think you do. After all, why spend money on performance parts if you aren't going to try them out from time to time.
Definitely has a point. No aftermarket part just GIVES you power. It gives the potential for it, but you have to drive your car in the manner that it requires for an actual increase in performance. It's the same reason that when running dyno tests, you have to rev your engine instead of just letting it idle. No power increase goes through unless you deliver it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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