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I think I may try this and hope it works.

Ordering one through the dealership here in my town will cost around 3-400$ ish is what I was told by the dealership. But they will program a aftermarket fob key for 40$ but he said it may or may not work.

Not sure if the locksmiths here know how to program the fobs I will call around tomorrow as I have the day off tomorrow.
Hello Vaughan and Nitrogen! Same issue with aftermarket KOB /FOB purchased thru Mobile Locksmith found on Kijiji. After 8 months it started eating batteries 2-4 per month so I contacted person who sold it and they replaced it - free. I now have a spare key and new FOB however after two days (here in Wpg we had -35 cold evenings) and it stopped working. Replaced battery and working okay... so far. Hope this helps.


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