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I got my nitro on a one year lease and so far love it. I got the upgraded 8 speaker w/ sub sound system along with the MyGIG. The system sounds very nice for a factory system....the high's and mid's hit very well....while the very deep, low bass seems to be lacking seriously. This usually has to do with a crossover built into the system somewhere limiting its frequency range response.

My question is, does anyone think that installing an amplifier to power just the factory sub might solve the problem? I want to use a low powered amp, i don't care for crazy amounts of bass, like i said though it does lack some on the low end. I checked out the sub and it has a very large magnet and should be able to handle at least 100 watts. The only thing that concerns me is do I have to get the signal before it goes into the factory amp, or can I get it right before it goes into the sub (basically, if i get the signal right before the sub, will I still be lacking the low frequency bass and just overpowering the higher bass frequencies)? If someone had a diagram of the wiring of the factory amp, that would help out a lot. I've searched around on the forum here and haven't found much, if it is already on here, if someone could post a link, that would also be appreciated. I've seen exploded diagrams of the sub/amp assembly, but nothing of just the wiring into and out of the amp.

Any input will help, thanks guys!:wavey:
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