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I have a 2007 dodge nitro slt. My nitro is having shifting problems. It gets struck, but when I can get it to shift gears the dashboard shows different than the shifter position, for example, the shifter says I'm in neutral but the dashboard says I'm in drive. 98% of the time my shifter doesn't move. To start my nitro I have to pull off the little plastic piece near the shifter and use a key or something to push the button or whatever is in there. Doesn't always work.

I realize it may sound confusing or complicated but does anyone know if any of the above suggestions would help, or have any other ideas. I refuse to get rid of my nitro, I love it and it's got me and my boys through tough times, like traveling through 2 feet of snow, hiking, outdoor theaters, camping, it got us anywhere and everywhere, never really had any issues other than breaks and the norm. We were homeless for a year and a half and our nitro stood strong. I've had it for many years. My 13 year old is adamant that the nitro will be his first car. So if anyone can help it would mean so much.

Thank you

Sorry for rant
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