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Proud new owner!!

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After a lot of searching Tennessee and surrounding states and driving to dealer lots, we finally found the Nitro we wanted. We pulled our new black SLT off the showroom floor Saturday night. Our first choice was the electric blue but in our area it is very hard to find, especially with the options we wanted. So, we went with our second choice and couldn't be happier.
It's kinda funny, you'd think my husband was a 16 year old with his first car the way he's been out riding in it. It's so bad that he even did a drive through with the windows down and radio up at Wal-mart. I thought that was hilarious and knew I had to share it with everyone!!!
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I know how your husband feels as well.. I feel the same and my Wife is just smiling at me.. Hmm ... that may be a good thing right?
Congrats on your purchase.. I am certain that you and your husband will enjoy your Nitro. There is just something special about this vehicle..
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