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Proud Papa of a Bouncing Baby SLT!

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Hey all - well, I never knew I could grin as much as I have. After waiting six weeks for nothing, I took the bulls by the horn and changed dealers, and after only 48 hours, I am in possession of a beautiful Khaki 4x4 SLT. The dealer was amazing - and driving home in the cold rain of Chicago in the middle of rush hour never felt so great!:Racing:

So, here are the stats:

Light Khaki with leather seats/chrome wheels (G Package)
UConnect (wow!)
Sirius (an unexpected perk)
Towing package
and a very intersting "luggage cage" from Mopar - they tossed it in....
I am kinda keen on it, since in the khaki and the profile of the cage, almost looks like I am on safari!
This came from Northfield, IL by way of Gurnee IL, by way of it has about 500 miles on (never know it to look at it!)...and noticed on the window sticker that was on the seat that it was built for Lifetime Fitness - whatever that may mean....anyhow...I will take and send pics as soon as the sun rises, since tomorrow is my day off.....thanks for all the words of advice and encouragement regarding the purchase of the Nitro!:pepper:

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Congrats your description your Nitro should look really Cool!!
Thanks! I am so psyched - I have never been this hyped about a vehicle before - go figure!
Sounds like you have yourself one fine vehicle there my man! Congrats.:Racing:
Congrats and we cant wait to see some safari pics:D
Now aren't you glad you changed dealers?? Sounds great. Waiting to see pics of the luggage cage. David
Now aren't you glad you changed dealers?? Sounds great. Waiting to see pics of the luggage cage. David
You bet I am! The first dealer called today (about 2 days later since we last spoke) and asked if I was going to go with the other dealer; when I told him "YES", he told me not to and that my Nitro was built and they were just waiting on a part (I am thinking to myself, if they are waiting on a part, then it's not built).....I just told him I was going with the new dealer....I then promptly called the bank and stopped payment on a $500 check I made out to them so they would order the vehicle, and then cancelled a credit card that I had allowed them to imprint with $1000 when I was supposedly getting a car within the first day of meeting with them - the charge never appeared, but I didn't want to take chances. I am sure nothing would have happened, but you never know. My biggest concern is that I printed out my credit report and now they have it (SS# and all)....I know I sound paranoid, but identity theft is pretty real these days (and I have a very common name)...

sorry for the tangent - so to reiterate - YES, I am happy I changed dealers!
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Congrats on the new purchase...I would have been a little mad taking that long. It took me 6hrs and Half of that was deciding what color to get. So anyway congrats again
Congratulations. I'm glad your ordeal is over. Enjoy the ride.
thanks again - hoping to have pictures soon - it is a bit busy at the parish right now (kind of a seasonal thing! :) ) - so will be trying to get things posted soon....what a great group of folks!

Good to hear that everything worked out. Have fun with it!
Congrats! Enjoy....please post pics of safari rack!
Weather not cooperating...

As most of you probably know, weather has been very rainy and foggy here in Chicago - not good picture-taking please bear with me on the photos.

Question: Know where I can get the cargo area cover (looks like a window shade) and a cargo net for the back area?

How is your gas milage.. I'am also from the Windy City.
Mixed right now - close to 17 - 18 for mixed driving, although seems to be getting better this last fill up. I actually double checked mileage this time around - seems that the mpg calculator with the EVIC is about .5 mpg better than real world values - not sure why.

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