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Question about side steps

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When I ordered my Nitro I ordered the chrome sidesteps from the Nitro accessories brochure.

When I picked up the car they had a set of black plastic ones on, that aren't even the same as in the brochure. We have had a bit of a fight with the salesman (including him telling us we could buy another set) they are ordering in the chrome ones.

He said they have to come from Singapore and will take about 2 weeks.

My question to you guys is that in the brochure it says the chrome and the black tube ones are stamped with the dodge emblem, so can anyone tell me where they are stamped just so I can make sure I am getting the real deal. As it is they charged us nearly $1800 for them here in Australia.

thanks in advance for your help!
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Yee that's terrible, in West Oz they are $1600. Buy it from US, even with $500 shipping(!!!) and 10% duty, you are still ahead.
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