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Question - Nitro or Pathfinder/Other

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Obviously posting this on a Nitro forum I already have a personal bias, and of course I expect biased answers. But this needs to be as unbiased a decision as possible. And talking to existing owners provides perspective that dealers, auto reviews, etc can't provide.

Ok, so I got a wife, 2 boxers, and our first born on the way. Replacing a Dakota (rock solid, hate to give it up) and need something that can at the very least carry the 5 of us. A Nitro can certainly do that, but what about a stroller, diaper bag, etc? What if we have twins (twins run in both our families)? Does the Nitro start getting crowded if you add a second child, or luggage/gear, etc?

Can a Nitro serve as a decent sized family vehicle for us for the next 4 years? For the price of a fully loaded R/T I could get a base Pathfinder SE. The Pathfinder (or other mid-sized SUVs) has the 3rd row, and when that is folded probably twice the cargo space as the R/T. But I wouldn't have the MyGiG, UConnect, aggressive exterior appearance, etc.

What do you all think? I know I'll get biased answers, but hoping to gain a bit of insight from folks who likely have a similar sized family and use the Nitro daily in the same capacity that I'm looking to do.

Thanks in advance and this is a fantastic forum!
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the nitro has plenty of room. we have 2 kids (car seat and booster seat at each rear door) and an adult in the middle of back seat all with plenty of leg room and the wife and i up front. and of course i was driving:D. this is with a stroller, a diaper bag and 4 full size pieces of luggage all in the rear. so i would definately say go with the nitro. as for nissan we have owned 2 that we bought new and they were nothing but trouble from day one.
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