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After financing the Nitro thru Chrysler corp in order to get the extra $500. discount I went to the local bank to refinance at a lower percent which they offered. In the process of the local bank contacting the dealer finance dept & telling them they may buy out my loan the dealer finance dept calls me back telling me they can get me a rate 1.5 % lower than what they signed me up for. I think this is a little shady. What do you all think? I know I wouldnt have gotten the $500 discount but would have made up for it with the lower % rate. It gives me doubts about buying from that dealer again. Any comments good or bad appreciated.
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I have seen Chrysler credit offer very competitive interest rates compared to a bank. Doesn't hurt to check it out and read the fine print. If its apples compared to oranges then obviously it's not worth it. Shop around and get your best interest rate. :smileup:
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