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R/T 20" wheels on my Nitro SXT

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The Nitro R/T 20" chrome clad wheels are almost impossible to find... unless you want to pay $444.00 a piece for them at a dealer and then wait 'till who knows when. You've all heard the story... national backorder. And it appears that people who pay up to 32K for a vehicle tend not to want to sell off their fancy chrome wheels... go figure. But I did finally locate (1) set! Here's some looks.

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Dude....they really look awesome :Banana01:
Thanks buddy I appreciate that... I'm happy with 'em. I think they make the truck stand out & look taller. Seriously there are so many ways to go with this thing. I've seen pics in here of dead stock Nitro's I think look great. I've seen more tricked out ones with bigger custom wheels that are very cool. I've even went to the "King of Cars" website and looked at the really pimped out ones with the 22" probably 305 series tires... and of course the SEMA Show Nitros.
I was lucky to find a set of the stock R/T 20's and that worked for me. I got the bigger stance & chrome I wanted and still kept with stock Mopar parts. It's all good!
Have to admit that do look good, did they change the ride?:4-jump2:
As far as ride quality... at first I thought the new wheel & tire set up might have stiffened up the ride a little... barely noticeable maybe 5% (I have to actually look for bumps to go over and then try to compare to before). The responsiveness & feed back @ the steering wheel improved (tightened). Tracks the same at any speed... very straight, but when you point it somewhere it goes there quickly. :Racing:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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