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r/t is almost in my hands

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fiesta dodge in san antonio, texas has two r/t a silver ( which my friend just bought last night and a inferno red that im working a deal on. the only thing thats holding me back is my trade. they are offering me 20k for my 04 acura TL with 47k on the miles. WE are almost there only 1K away from r/t being mine. these are the only two in texas :Banana01:
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Welcome to the forum enjoy. You guys should post some pics of your R/T's together.:pepper:
Comeon nitroburning . the wick is getting shorter........
Welcome to the forums!
well guys im sorry to say this but i ended up buying the nissan pathfinder LE. even though its not the nitro but i feel feel that the dealership played to many games!!!! i went to toyota and nissan. Man what a diff. they rolled out the red carpet for me and wife. I hope none of you get treated like i did at a dodge dealership. They felt they had the upper hand because we wanted it really bad.
Man, I hate to see Stealerships do this..... Just because its one of the first ones in the state, they think they can just go ahead and empty your wallet (since they already have you bent over). :xxx:
Something similar happened to me. But I told them to stick it their arsses, and walked out. Then I drove 30 miles to another dealership and worked a deal about $3500.00 lower. Their loss........
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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