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Sorry I posted this in the newbie section but am eager to hear back soon from anyone who can help me.

Hello everyone! I narrowed my new vehicle choice down to the Mazda CX-7 and the Nitro R/T. I test drove the Mazda and loved it but it felt too slow for me. I then test drove a Nitro SLT with a 3.7 (they didnt have any R/T's available) and it felt even slower. Please keep in mind that I currently own a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited w/ 4.7 V8 so I guess you can say I am spoiled from the V8 power. I really need to hear from some folks that can compare the Nitro 4.0 motor to my 4.7 V8. My current motor has 235hp and 295 torque. The 4.0 has 260hp and 265 torque so I dont know if it will feel the same as my V8. I have researched the 0-60 times and they are very close but then again, so did the mazda and I wasnt impressed. I can handle having the same performance but I do not want to go backwards. I really appreciate any feedback on this matter. Thank you

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Welcome aboard!
I was in about the same boat as you.

I liked the style of the Nitro, but when I drove a SXT it just didn't have the HP or handling I was looking for. So I waited....and waited....and... Then the R/T finally arrived at a local dealership. I test drove it very agressively with the sales guy and liked the feel of the engine, performance and handling. WoW what a difference the R/T made to me. Its not a V8, but it will get up and go when you want it to. I have been very impressed with the low end power. It's not quite the same as my VR4 but for a little SUV it is good enough.
Hope that helps!

ps. Go for the NITRO!! :)

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Here is probably the best response I could give you. I owned a '03 Mercury Mountaineer Premier (4.7L V8) that I traded in for my '07 Nitro R/T. The biggest thing I was worried about was losing the 'pep' or power. I did more research on this vehicle then I ever had in the past and it all led up to my test drive. All I can say is I was suprised.... VERY suprised at the 4.0L V6 in the R/T. I seriously don't think it has missed a step from my V8... in fact i think it is has a little more growl. :)

I know I for one love my R/T and its powere and there hasn't been a day that I regret trading in my Mountaineer and its 16MPG V8.

Best bang for the buck on the market in my opinion.

I hope this helps.

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