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Radio Frequency problem

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All you tech whizz kids out there try to explain this one...

My Nitro's radio can only receive certain frequencies, in our country we have radio stations with frequencies that end on uneven and even numbers. When I got my car it could only receive stations of which the frequency ended on a uneven number :shy:.

Here is where it gets freaky, they replaced the radio after the dealer said it cannot be reprogrammed, but guess what... the new radio does exactly the same thing. Now the dealer is telling me that the radio picks up a signal from the car which tells it to behave in this way :(:( I dont even know if that is possible.

Any advise... anyone...
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You need the radio that is in the England model. Probably the Diesel engine would be a safe bet as they dont have those in the US.

You have a US spec radio, Radios in the US only have odd numbers. 99.5 97.9 100.3 104.5 106.1

Only odds, thats why your radio is "being strange", its just not strange to us over here lol.
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