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Radio Going Crazy

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I was leving the house yesterday i unlocked the doors with keyless and when i opened the door the radio was playing. it has not done this before i was just woundering if anyone else has had this happened to the.
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I've experienced this, seems so far to be a glitch in the software for the TIPM. Haven't heard of a repair for it. Sorry.
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Just to update this thread. I recommend the software level of the TIPM be confirmed it is up-to-date. Also, verifying none of the connectors, or connector pins are loose at the TIPM. There have been known problems with the TIPM for this problem. :smileup:
yes and I an going to tell them tomorrow when I go for the 9000mile oil change. it is real freaky, had it been playing for the 9 hours I was at work or did it just come on w/ the door unlock?
I've only seen them come on when the door was opened. If the radio had been on for 9 hours the battery would be dead, no questions. Gotta love how the computers in vehicles these days have a mind of their own, I love it.:shakehead:
With mine, I heard it turn on when I unlocked the doors and then when I opened the door it turned off. Just like when you are getting out of the car.
^^^That's the typical scenario described when the radio/TIPM screws up. Have the diagnostics I suggested performed by your dealer. :smileup:
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