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Radio wiring BASE SINGLE CD

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I went to install an amp and Subwoofer setup this weekend and couldn't find any help that made sense to me as far as radio wiring. Found this a little useful taken from the DEI Techs website.

Searched all Dodge vehicles till the colors started matching whar I saw in my SXT with single disc CD. Turned out to be the same as a 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup:

Radio 12v

Radio Ground black and black/lt.

LF Speaker +/- dk. grn/yel - dk. grn/lt. blue

RF Speaker +/- gray/yellow - gray/lt. blue

LR Speaker +/- gray/lt. grn - gray/dk. grn

RR Speaker +/- dk. grn/lt. grn - dk. grn/gray

Only wires not showing are the leads for the dash tweeters.

for the remote turn on lead I went straight to the steering column acc wiring. There is an acc wire out on the back of the radio but it's for power antenna (once you go AUX or CD the amp would turn off lol)

Anyway the install was a success, had to use a high/low line out converter behind the radio so I could use Fosgate signal cables. Spliced the converter into the rear door speakers for signal.

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Sorry, I was too late to help with figuring out where to get the remote turn on power from. Anyway good to hear your install was a success. Have you taken any pics. I denfinetely would be interested in seeing how your setup looks.
Yes glad everything worked out, would also like to see some pics of your setup.
Here's a couple pics. Mounted the amp under the back cargo floor and ran the wiring along the driver side. Found a nice access hole through the firewall for the power lead.

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baiscally same install that I did, the hole in the firewall was a big help. I hade to mount my amp to a board to keep it from sliding from side to side. But I have a humm from the amp when the radio i off. I have my remote running from the 12v receptor on the dash next to the esp button. I have to re run my wires when it warms up a bit.
Looks real good a little dressing up it will look great. thanks for the pics.
Shopping for amps right now id like something with a remote bass booster, some songs need a little more kick than others....thanks
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