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Rear Cupholders

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Does anyone have a suggestion or solution to the rear cupholders? Every time I make the slightest turn the cups in the rear holders come tumbling out. The front cupholders have rubber inserts so they grip the cup, But these in the back are worthless unless there is some modification we can come up with. I'm so glad I purchased the Slush Mats for the winter or the back carpets would have been a MESS! :confused: :i_rolleyes: :shakehead: :Racing:
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How about a couple of cup holder inserts off eBay? You might find a bargain or two and save some bucks instead of purchasing new ones from Mopar. If they don't fit, you can always resell them.
Those rear holders are a waste! I also had a drink escape from them. :SHOCKED: I really don't understand why they put the cup holders on the floor now. Unless you have freakishly long arms you can's use them. I ended up buying a bench seat console for the back. It belts in and you can take it out if needed. I wonder if that rubber shelf liner would work in there? Might give some extra grip plus you could cut it to fit. Let us know if you find something that works.
As for my rear cup holders, I guess I haven't really noticed it because I only let the kdis have bottled water back there and they always re-seal 'em with the cap after every use. I also put a cell phone holder in the back one designed to fit a cup holder that cranks tight so I haven't noticed any problems with that being in there either.

Anybody notice how McDonald's however is now making cheaper cups and the rubber mounts in the front holders always want to collapse it down?
Not to sit here and bitch about the american car companies (i am a strong supporter of the domestics), but with all the testing they do, between in the shop and on the road i find it hard to believe they dont find problems like this (i work as a design engineer and pretty much know how these things work).
Things like this should have been found on the first road tests of the vehicle and revised before the final release.
I saw many mule Nitros running around this area close to a year before they became available, and these small problems like cup holders, no passanger side assist handle, window switchs not working, and even the stalling (but that could be hard since mules are cobbled together and problems with engine and drive train are done seporately--most times) should have been addressed and fixed way back then, and never gone into productuin like they are now.
Again not to rag on the domestics but to me this is where they get a bad rep as compaired to the imports, which i hate to say but they seem to not allow things like this to happen as often.
This is just my opinion and as i said i am no way against the domestics.....just wish they would pay alittle more attention to the details
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I agree with bob

I do wonder on do they ever ask the average guy about the things they do on cars ever see something on a car and wonder what the heck were they thinking or is all how to save a few dollars. I have no big gripes yet on the Nitro and on the Honda I traded in on it one thing was the cheep plastic on the interior, just look at and it would scratch.( I do put a large hard plastic cup in the rear on mine and don't have a problem but I haven't used a paper or Styrofoam one )
Minor problems being 'built' in

I agree that many of the 6 trips I've had so far back to the dealer for torque coverter problems 5, door switches 3, vents falling out 2, driveshaft replacement 1, wheel alignment and balance 1, should never had made it out of the factory. I love the vehicle, but this is getting old fast. 1 trip back to the dealer at an average of every 850 miles is too much.
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