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Rear Seat Video System

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Hi all!
First post for me. Not a Nitro owner......yet. But planning on ordering:
Inferno Red SLT 4x4 F Package w/20" Wheels

Was wondering if anyone has ordered the rear seat video system? When I was test driving the Nitro I noticed the overhead panel was quite moveable and curious if the screen vibrates as you drive?

Also, I noticed a diff video system in the back of the Nitro brochure. I'm assuming that's a 3rd party or "upgraded" video sytem. It has multiple buttons on the screen and also looks like the discs are inserted in that unit as opposed to the changer in the front dash. Anyone have that one or seen before? All comments appreciated!

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I have the DVD system in the rear, and have had no vibration issues at all. Not sure about the 3rd party system you mention - haven't heard of that before. Good luck!
OK folks need some advice or recomendations I have the mygig with nav and recently got my hands on the rear video screen for the nitro all oem stuff but now want to get it installed and I am not going to the local Audio boom boom store and having some kid look at me cross eyed telling me he is not sure it will work but he has great one on display to show me so where in the La TX MS Ark Ala area is a good installer I am willing to drive a hour or 4 to get done right hell even to Dallas area if need be done right also if you know of a Dealership that is fair and good that will work also I know I will have to buy the remote wiring and mounting brackets but that is all good jsut want a good job the first time
Anybody want to jump in give me a good shop they recommend ???
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