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Rear shocks? Looking for

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I already lifted my Nitro and now I want rear shocks. I've been to 4 local parts suppliers and made calls from internet company's. No one lists any! No one, not even the original replacements. If anyone knows of a brand or where to find would be appreciated. Reason for replacing is that I want beefier in the rear to make it feel a little more solid. That sounded wierd, you all know what I mean. Thanks
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OK, I'm guilty!

Well, I am one of those that looked but didn't reply. I am wondering if you have looked at the extended length heavy duty offroad shocks for a Liberty? There are several on the market and I can't imagine them being that much different than what you need. I am thinking of doing that myself, but I just haven't found the time to track down all the info.
I have my doubts on any aftermarket supplier rushing to get a Nitro specific extended length shock on the market. I called Skyjacker lifts a few weeks ago and inquired if their Liberty coil over strut lift would work on a Nitro. They told me I was the first one that had asked and they had no idea they had not even seen a Nitro. I asked them if they wanted to see mine, but they were not interested. They don't consider it a vehicle anyone will want to lift. Selfishly cutting themselves out of an untapped market.

However a coil over is what I really want to do, so I have to crawl under a Liberty and take measurements and compare all of them to the Nitro, both front and rear. Just looking at pics, I see no significant difference, but without measuring there is no way to be sure. So I have to find a Liberty. I don't think too many car lots will like it very much for me to be lurking around their display models, so I have not had a chance to track down one to measure yet. But I will get around to it, especially if my dealer takes a Liberty in on trade. Then I'll be all set.
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