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Detroit Motor Show
Record rims wheeled out

This Dodge Nitro made an even bigger impact than usual at the Detroit Motor Show

19th January 2007

The Ram-badged off-roader's new 20-inch wheels are the largest currently available as standard on a production car, according to the company.
The alloys are fitted to the Nitro RT, and are an option on the SLT model. Oversize wheels regularly feature on concepts, but rarely make it through to showrooms. However, executives at the US manufacturer could see the benefit of the big rims on the five-seater SUV, and gave the order to include the set.

"Our design team worked hard to keep the 20-inch wheels on this car," said a Dodge spokeswoman.The Nitro made its debut at the 2005 Chicago Motor Show under the Dodge corporate banner: "Grab Life By the Horns".

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