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Remote start installed

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I got my remote start/alarm system installed on Tuesday. It took them Tuesday and part of Thursday morning to do the install. I've been using it each time I drive my car to make sure everything is working properly and it's been working like a champ so far. :) I got the Viper 771XV system. I would also recommend anyone in the Denver area to go to Quality Auto Sound. They did a great job and took great care of my car.
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Can you give us a idea of the cost and labor to do the install?
It's nice to know there is a good alternative to the Mopar starter which doesn't even work! :SHOCKED: :SHOCKED:
I got the remote start/alarm system for $450. The install requires 2 additional units at $80 each. $40 for installation parts/relays. The place I got the install done has a $1 install deal on most car electronics, so the installation was ridiculously cheap at a dollar. Total came to about $650. It's MUCH more than the Mopar remote start system, but worth it in my opinion.
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