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Remote Start Question

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Good morning, all.

Had aquestion about the remote start factory installed option...

Is this integrated in the stock single-key fob or is there an additional remote that you have to use? 2 remotes in your pocket?


My R/T is in BX status...who knows when it'll be here.
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The factor option is built into the key fob.
The factor option is built into the key fob.
Thank you for the QUICK reply!

Until I receive my Nitro, here is my current R/T.

Chris Connor
Freeport, Texas

-2000 Dodge Dakota R/T (nicely modded)
-2007 Dodge Caliber SXT

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How can I tell if my 07 Dodge Nitro has a remote starter? The dealership I bought it from doesn't have the original remote that should go with it. They gave us one that says Prestige on it.
Without the factory key fob, there is not an easy way that I am aware of.
Your best bet would be to register your Nitro on the Dodge website. From there, you enter in your VIN and what not and it will show you all of the options your Nitro came with.
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