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Remote Start

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I'm not sure if any Nitro's came with remote start, but i have found a plug-n-play kit for my Nitro. I haven't purchased yet, but curious if anyone has ever bought a plug-n-play remote start kit? I bought one that claimed to be "plug-n-play" and once i received my package and opened it, it had to be spliced into several different wires and i did not like that idea. The kit i'm looking at says it's all plug-n-play and comes with the instructions on how to. I even asked the seller if it was 100% plug-n-play. To start you push the factory lock button on the key fob three times for it to start. It runs 10-15mins before cutting off, so if you start it and don't get inside the vehicle for a few mins it cuts itself off.
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Wouldn't that key have to be programed to the vehicle?
I purchased a flashlogic remote start off eBay for $80. complete plug and play. Just plugs into the back of ignition. Took 20 minutes to install. Can look up install vids on YouTube. Works great, hit lock 3x on factory key and starts right up.
Do you have a link or part number?
The flashlogic i ordered wasn't plug-n-play :\
Flash logic FLRSCH5
I contacted a seller on eBay for that product. I was told it's completely plug-n-play and was sent this link[FLRSCH5]-EN_20160208.pdf
I will say i need a new key fob cover lol


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Aw, heck, man! You just hit that red button when you want it to start! ;) Right? :p JK
oh yeah! lol
ive looked up a couple. i plan to replace it.
i still need to try having a spare key made also. when i purchased it, i was only given one key.
(hoping i never loose my keys,l because i have a good bit of them for multiple things)
Patrick, you may be able to get a new shell for the key fob, that has the buttons in it, and replace the buttons. That's really all you need. :)
the start button?
No, I was meaning just the fob shell. It usually comes with new replacement buttons.

I just had to do this for my Jeep Cherokee. The buttons on my fob were worn like yours. I bought a new shell for a few bucks & just replaced the rubber key pad. :)
i'm actually liking that red one. may have to buy it to match my Nitro
I'm not a huge fan of red, but I like it too. :cool: It would definitely be different. I noticed on Amazon, that they also have a set of two replacement keys for about $30. But you would have to have the keys cut and programmed to your vehicle. A dealer has to program them, if I'm not mistaken. o_O
most likely
Did ever get the remote start
I have not yet..
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