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Removing front seat covers

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Is there a how to or video anywhere on how to skin the seats?
Seems like a lot of attachment and I'd like a little guidance before I dive in.

I am swapping the seat covers from my cloth R/T to the leather ones from my STL. The STL has heated seats so I can't just swap the whole seats.
Unless someone knows how to wire in the heaters.
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swap the whole seats, just don't connect the heaters,
I was going to do that but everything in the seat connects to a box underneath which then plugs into the vehicle harness and the plugs are completely different.
I actually ended up unplugging everything individually from under the seat and swapping the wiring harness with my originals and I'll just leave the heaters unplugged, like nitrogen suggested.
At least until I wire them into an aftermarket switch.
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I've got everything swapped over and it all fit fine with one problem.
Does anyone know how to calibrate the passenger seat weight sensors without having to use a $2000 scan tool?
I believe there is nothing to calibrate. Wiring harness should only be for seat belts and heaters.
No on the passenger seat there are weight sensors on each corner that deactivate the airbag when someone too small is sitting there. (government requirements I'm sure)
Since I am using different sensors they have to be calibrated to zero.

Could AlphaOBD do the procedure?
just looked through the wiring diagrams, i can see the 4 weight sensors, they are connected to the occupant classification module (under front passenger seat), maybe do a search on how to calibrate this module should be the same on most Dodge, Jeep, Chryslers of the same year,
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