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Repair on my Dodge Nitro 2011 Heat

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Hi all.

I got a question. I bought my Dodge Nitro for a good price. It had already about 175k miles on it. I drove it for about 3 month with 191k miles on it, when the engine gave up on a road trip. I put it in the car shop and I wanted a motor change, since the repair on the motor would have been around 5K. Can you guys check the attached bill and tell me if that is a fair price or if anything is really overpriced? I researched engines and I feel like the price for the engine is 50% overprized. Thank you so much.
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PPI sells rebuilt 3.7 engines for $3200 w/a 5 year warranty. $4400 for a 98k used engine with unknown amount of rework sounds steep--and they charged you $670 for a new valve cover gasket? (which would be included with the PPI engine) A valve cover gasket kit is less than $40.
Yah, some things seem a bit expensive on that bill.
In some states there are laws protecting you--if the shop did not give you an estimate including parts cost to approve before the repair was done you may have more options.
Usually shops will give you different price options for parts to choose from--aftermarket, OEM, etc. For an engine, not sure how that would work--but you'd think they'd let you shop around.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts