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RI nitro owner

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Have 2400 miles on mine and it is going in this week for a new torque converter. I had the problem of the rumble at around 1500 rpms. they tried the re-program but it did not work, so I'am getting a new converter. If that does not work, that is strike three on the lemon law.

Don't want to lose the nitro, It has leather and sun roof and runs strong.
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Welcome and sorry to hear of the possible third strike. Let us know the results. We know you want to keep on Nitroing.
Welcome to the forum. I hope everything turns out well with your Nitro. I had an engine stalling issue that I dealt with.
Yea man, sorry to hear about your issues. Mine stalled while turning the steering wheel to the right. Hasn't acted up since *crosses fingers*. I had to file a lemon lawsuit against DCX with my Caliber. Suit still in progress as I type this. Good luck with your Nitro man, I wouldn't expect anything less than you have right now.
Welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your problem hope they get it fixed for ya. If not make em step you up. not even.
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