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Running Boards

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For those of you that have the running boards, what do you think? I think they are not well designed for the Nitro. They stick out too much on the sides and are not that functional. For those that live in the snow regions like I do, they can be great mudguards.
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The jury is still out on them. I agree with what you said, they're not very functional and stick out too far. My wife is concerned that because she has to step further out that they might be a hazard for her in the winter if the parking lot is icy, unless she uses the step somehow. A handle on the A pillar would be nice in that regard.

I do like that they help protect the body a little from the doors on other vehicles, and as you said, may act as a mudguard, but the best use I've found for them so far is to help reach the top of the vehicle when washing/waxing it. Time will tell if they get pulled off though.
I agree. People will tend to trip or stumble on it when they enter or exit the vehicle. You have to be concious of it and use it whether you like it or not.

My coworker has a pre-production Nitro with running boards and he hates it. He tried to figure out how to remove it with no success.
They don't bother me getting in or out , the boss finds them useful though an assist handle would sure make a difference. They do protect the sides somewhat & that is a good thing.
First one I test drove had them. Seemed like they were in the way.
i igree with the handle being missing. My boss need tha extra push..
I've been thinking about getting the running boards put on mine, but now I'm not so sure! I'll have to look at one and see if they're functional! I was really surprised that the Nitro doesn't have an OS handle in the front - just seems weird!
I would wait until they come out w/ better ones. I would also check out aftermarket ones, if there any.
The nerf bar style suited me better, I highly recommend those instead of the side steps/running boards.

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I agree. They do look better and are not in the way. You can use them only if you need to. Nice blue. I have one, too!
Look Nice, where did you get the nerf bar from. Please share the info. Thanks.
They have tube steps in the Nitro accessories catalog at the dealers. The pics look good.
how hard were they to install?
Your paint will thank you! I learned that lesson the hard way with my HHR...

mine are perfect for the boss who's only 5'1". I handle would be nice, though I fear it would get abused :i_rolleyes:
Took me 30 minutes BY MYSELF to do. with help, maybe 20.... EASY:)
papillion,called my dealer he said they go on just like on a dak. Pretty easy install an extra set of hands helps a lot. 1 hour job tops at average skill level.Have not installed myself on the Nitro but have installed 2 sets on daks .
I really like those nerf bar style running boards. Look like they actually belong on the vehicle for a change! Thanks for sharing!!
STARTECH has come out with some neat exterior and performance mods. Check out the running boards
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Running Boards in Vermont

Our black Nitro SLT came with them. We added splash guards because the spray that came in between the running boards and fenders was too much.
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