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Rust on Tail Gate

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Hi Everyone
After 6 months I have replaced roof rails and Wheels ( Chips in wheels ) driver side floor panel ( no heat ) and had to have engine reprogramed. Now Nitro is in for rust in tailgate door, under handle. My dealer just repairs or replaces everything without saying a word. I just find it hard to belive that so much can be wrong with a truck that is new. But I love the truck . Dodge fixed everything. As a life long owner of Chrysler's I will put up with this. But I don't think others would be to happy about it. Also truck New $28,000 now trade in around $14,000 or half in one year,that is really bad. Dodge better get with it or even die hard Chrysler guys like me will start looking at Fords. Maybe not HA! HA!
Joe Bukal
Happy Dodge Owner:Racing:
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That would be cool. I can't wait for the warranty to be up. :)
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