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When I look at my NITRO from the side it looks like the back end is sagging. Is it supposed to look that way or is it supposed to be level? I bought it used so I do not know what the previous owner did to it.

Can anyone tell me the height from the ground to the bottom of the back bumper on a stock 2007 SXT with stock 16in wheels?

I am taking in it for the Torque converter repairs next week and if I need to bring this to their attention then it would be a key time.

Thanks in advance for any help possible.

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What tires do you have on your Nitro?
I have 17" rims but I can compare if I know your tire size. IE P235/65R17 = 29.02 in height. My Nitro stands 31 3/4" from ground to rear side door seam just to the front of center of the wheel.
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