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OK - my little review of Savage L&B Dodge / Jeep in Robesonia PA.

Sales - I bought my Nitro here. I had originally gone there to buy a Wrangler. Well, the day I went there, there was not a single Wrangler on the lot. (it was August, and I guess high season for Jeeps to get sold off)

As we walked through the lot, my wife pointed at my Nitro and said "Oooh! That one is pretty!" And I instantly fell in love. Quite frankly, I would never have considered the Nitro if it hadn't been for the Sunburst Orange color. (And I wouldn't have been ALLOWED to buy one if it hadn't been my wife's idea!)

Anyway - I went back the next day (when they were open for business) and spoke with the sales guy. I was impressed with his style - he basically allowed me to go about buying this car at MY pace, instead of trying to sell me NOW, TODAY, HURRY UP! I get the feeling that that is not the typical sales style at this dealership, and from what friends have told me, most salesmen there will push you hard for the sale.

I was NOT impressed with the fact that the several times I went back (I am a sleep on it type of guy) the sales team seemed to be loitering around in the showroom, not really concerned with the fact that they looked pretty unprofessional like that. I got sort of a seedy feeling sitting there, you know?

Also, I bought a demo, and when I took delivery, I noted (on my walk around) several scratches on the hood. They were all superficial, and just needed to be buffed out. My salesman personally took the vehicle to the detail shop (2 days later) and buffed the hood out himself. I really like the fact that he personally made it right for me like that.

On to the service Department...

Absolutely the best service I have gotten ANYWHERE, EVER.

These guys do it right the first time, every time.
--I have never needed to beg them to do work that needed to be done under warranty or recall.
--They keep their appointments.
--They call me if they have any questions instead of assuming they know what's best for me.
--They even have this automated caller service that reminds me of an appointment or scheduled maintenance (it called and reminded me to change the clock for daylight savings, too!)

My police department uses this dealer for service, (I am a cop) and I have dealt with them for years for the police car service calls. I trust them with my life.

The parts counter at this place is top notch too! I've dealt with them a few times there, and will continue to do so. I can even buy online ( and they will either deliver or I can pick up at the shop.

Anyway - there's my little plug for Savage L&B Dodge in PA. If you live out here in SE Pennsylvania, and you're not sure where to go for your Dodge, I highly recommend them.
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