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Saw a Nitro for the first time last Saturday

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Didn't even know Dodge was coming out with something like this (I'm not a car fanatic) but It really caught my eye as I drove by the dealership. It's got many of the options I'm looking for, previously I was looking hard at the FJ Cruiser. Gonna lay back for a while and follow both vehicles before I make the final decision.
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Hey Monkeyman! Welcome.

Yeah, the Nitro is awesome! You should stop by the dealership and have a closer look!
hey i watched a show about the fj cruiser and it had some things that u might not like i guess getting in the back is hard aand if yur big even worse and there is a side panal that really blocks yur view alot of blind spots and the spare tire almost covers the whole back window and also the door swings wide at the back might be a problem if u paralell park often just some things to also think about if u hadnt notice and......the nitro is awsome love it but still havent got to test drive it going to in a couple weeks.
The FJ is priced 5-6000 above the SLT version. And there are already two for sale aroung here that the owners are tired of. (Rockingham, Nc.)
I wonder if they are for sale because the owners are tired of them or if because their monthly payment is too high for what they got.
The folks that got the FJ won't have any problem with payments.....I think they are just not pleased........
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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