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Ok...So my Nitro has 8000km on it and I have started to noticed some wearing on the driver seat that seems a liitle premature. I have read the post regarding the crimping on the sides of the seats so the fact this is happening to me is not too much of a surprise. However, the wear that is surprising is that on the surface of the drivers seat the threads are showing some "piling" (I thiink that's what it is called when the threads start breaking). Not over the entire seadt but mostly on the back right quarter and a tiny bit on the back left corner.

My dealer told me that this is an ongoing problem and chrysler has no fix so there is nothing I can do. He also says it occurs with the leather interiors as well. He told me that chrysler has said not to replces the seats as it will just happen again and he can do nothing until chrysler figures out a fix.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this...I will take some picks to post
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