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security alarm

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last week i ordered my r/t and the next day i made some changes by phone and dummy me didn't get a copy of the order until today. well, they left out my alarm system. the dealer told me that they could install it when they recieve the truck but is it gonna be the same system . also does anyone know why they couldn't call and add that option on i mean they haven't even started to build the thing yet and i don't want to have to pay extra when i could get it factory installed. anyone have any advice?
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There have been a few people on here that have added the alarm on later with great success and said it was easy. My guess is that maybe the dealer just wants to make a little more pocket cash by doing it themselves? I would rather it be done at the factor so that the remote is part of the key.
from what i have been told once an order is in the system at the plant they can not make changes to it without cancelling the order and resubmitting it

my friend that works at the plant explained it to me so i am just going on what he said
I had alarm added at the dealer and it is all part of the key still
I also have a dealer instaled alarm and it is activated by the key fob. It works fine but cost more than the factory install.
Mine was cheaper than the factory. Had the dealer throw it in.
Nitroinsocal Here in az the dealers are discounting the SXT $3500, but have alarm ,window tint, and auto butler added in. I like the car so I bought it with those add on's which I didn't even want. I am now glad I did.
thanks everyone i feel better now. now i have to get the dealer to install it for free since they forgot it on my order.;)
I had the remote start added to my order 5 weeks after placing the order, It has set back the date on receiving it. You just ordered your so I don't see how you would be set back more than a couple days. I feel it is always better to get the factory install. Your dealer can change the order, don't let him tell you he can't. He will make more money if the install goes to the dealership. That's why he is pushing you that route.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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