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seeing nitros on weekend vacation

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i spotted four nitros on a weekend getaway to jekyl island this past weekend,one silver,red,white,and khaki.these are sparse numbers for a 250 mile trip,still drawing the stares:).passed the silver so fast he could only blink:Racing:,passed law enforcement in the process:eek:but he was in awe of the rides and didn't bother to give chase:D.
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I have seen only two other Nitros here in this city--a silver one that I saw too briefly to determine the model and a white R/T. The white R/T followed me to my office, and I had a nice visit with the young lady who owns it. She said one of the most significant things that made her interested in a Nitro was seeing my R/T about town.

When I go to Chico (about 25 miles away and a much larger city), I generally see several Nitros of various models and colors.

Your plate proves it, not many Nitros in the whole state of CA or you were one of the early ones to get yours.

Reminds me, I should get an Nitro vanity plate before all the variations are taken
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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