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Separate Radiator?

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Has anyone else noticed a secondary radiator in front of your normal rad? I would assume its for trans cooling but I don not have the tow package yet... is it just an R/T thing or do you guys with a SLT or SXT have it also?

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So you've got the radiator for the engine cooling system, then in front of that is the A/C condenser, then there's the transmission (auto trans) and power steering coolers at the very front. That's the setup on my SXT. I wouldn't suspect the R/T to differ much if any.
So then if you had the tow package would that be any different? It almost seems like the trans cooler is standard versus part of the tow package upgrade.
In the parts listings there is only 1 cooler listed for both the R/T (NAG1 transmission) and the 3.7L (42RLE transmission). There is nothing else listed in transmission cooling to suggest there is a difference with the trailer tow package.
Is there any advantage to having the heavy-duty cooling, even if you never tow? I was thinking more along the lines of air conditioning, if the tow package comes with the clutch fan, plus an electric fan? I assume the clutch fan is a viscous type, not an electric clutch. Or just marginally better than the non-tow cooling?
Thanks guys... thats what I was assuming but you confirmed it for me.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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