Mileage:179000 M
Engine:4.0 V6
I love/must sell this excellent vehicle !
I bought it in 2017 and I've driven it to all three coasts without ANY problems.
Part of the reason is: I TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER ! Replaced the Timing Belt, and Lifters, when I was replacing the Head Gaskets . . . New Brakes all around . . . and better Multi-Purpose Tires . . . new windshield ! Heater and A/C are perfect. Regular oil changes. All documents. She doesn't leak or use ANY FLUIDS. She's tight...and dry...with great Compression !
PLUS: I had a wonderful Sun Roof installed ($2k+) and built a Custom Low-Profile full-length Roof Rack !

Not to mention . . . Beautiful, Charcoal Gray Leather Interior (with cool red R/T embroidery) . . . with NEW Leather Driver's Seat insert ! Just let me know if you have any questions and/or when you'd like to see and drive it . . . Kevin
P.S. Yes, I have more images, this is the maximum allowed, it seems.