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Shocks for our lifted nitros

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Today my rear shocks came in, ordered them 10 day's ago from top gun customz. They are skyjacker nitros 2 1/2 inches longer than stock. Part number for the shock is N8088 by skyjacker. They were made for the liberty as both are a direct fit. Took it for a quick test drive and it was pretty tough feeling in the back. Easy to install and maybe took a whole 30 minutes. Was'nt a great day as it rained all day but I could'nt wait. I started on them 10 minutes after the UPS guy dropped them off. I saw another post about the boots rubbing...These are a soft rubber boot and do not rub on anything. Nice and quiet. I'll try to add pics later when the weather is better
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awesome...i have been wanting to change my shocks to give me a better off road handling...can't wait to see those pics...
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