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SLT steering wheel controls

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On my SLT the steering wheel has a button that has an N on it. The owners manual states that if you press and release this button you can select between 8 different compass and temperature display settings.

When I press mine it does nothing. Am I missing an option? Not that it really matters, could there actually be 8 different ways to display direction and temp. I just want to make sure that if its supposed to work, it does.

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Any ideas?
Ok.........the N on the right side acts as a reset button to take you back to what appears to be "Home position". When going thur the EVIC menu, that will return you to direction and temp no matter where you are in the menu. I think the printing is worded wrong in that there is not 8 ways to show direction and temp........Just my observation............David
Yep, the compass button will take you back to the compass display no matter what EVIC menu you are in..To navigate the EVIC you use the topleft button to select a category and then the arrow button below it to choose different settings/options..If there is a setting to e changed you can use the arrow on the righthand side :) "Personal Setings" is also only available when the car is in park.
Thanks guys for clearing that up it was bugging me a little bit also.
Thanks Guys. That answers my questions.
Actually the temp is just that the temp. The eight ways is the compass ways N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW. Does not give degrees just general direction.
Don't know if its be noticed but I posted detailed info and use of the EVIC in this post. Here's the link:
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