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I'm in love with the Nitro and have been obsessing about it for quite a while. Every week or so (okay, so maybe more often) I head on over to and build and price my Nitro. I was clicking away today and noticed that the MyGig (AM/FM CD MP3 GPS Navigation Radio - as it's called on the Canadian site) is now an option on the SLT. The price is a little steep (1,995.00 CDN) and freaks me out a little, but with the Sirius and UConnect already included in that price, it is not too bad (yeah...right).

Was the MyGig available in the US on the SLT trim for awhile now? I'm intrigued by it just popping up on me today. It gives me a whole other option to internally debate about.

With the RT's (including MyGig) barely showing up in Canada as of yet, how long would I expect to wait for an SLT with MyGig? Although I can wait for a short length of time, I don't want to wait 5 months when I could just wait till the next model year.

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MyGIG has been avilable to order in the US on both the SLT and R/T since 1/8/07. MyGIG is no longer delaying production. If you want it, then you should definitely order it. However, you need to know that any new order, whether with MyGIG or not, is taking 2 to 3 months from order date to delivery date. Some are less, some have been more. Rear wheel drive takes fewer weeks, while four wheel drives require more. We are getting into that period of the year where you do need to ask yourself if you want an '07 or an '08 model. Prices have increased since I ordered my R/T and I will still be waiting at least 2-3 more weeks for it to arrive. There is a lot for you to consider and you do need to take it all in.

On your original question, MyGIG should not have any affect on your order. At this point, it's just another radio option. In the end you have to do what your gut tells you to do. Good luck hockeybychoice.
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