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Slush Mats

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Just pulled em out of the box, anyone wants to take a look,forgot the bottom has a lot of little rubber feet for gripping. Look pretty nice really .
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Oh man! Those are sweet! I like the tire tread look to them!
Mine were put in yesterday as well. I had those for my Caliber too. They are very rugged. The deep grooves hold water nicely as well. Highly recommended! I aslo have the Nitro door sills coming. Will take pics soon.
I received mine yesterday. They fit much better than the original carpeted ones, I think these just might stay in forever.
Just put mine in also. They look awesome!!!! Very rugged and will cut down on carpet wear!!!
my slush mat review

Well i'm glad so many people like these mats. I have a set in my Murano and they fit and look great. I also had a set of tuffy liners in my jeep wrangler that were great. These on the other hand i feel have poor design! the front ones could use a little curved lip/tray around the out side to help protect the tranny hump better and the passenger side looks th have enough room to protect if you passenger either has kids feet or keeps them together. Now lets move to the rear one's they fit like A$$. the one on the passenger side is a waste as i'm going to put a towl under it to protect what it does not. My shoes men's 10 1/2 better not have water on the toe or heal (very back/front of shoe)or it's missing the mat. This must be a design flaw because there is mor room for the mat to be bigger! Maybe my mats were made on Friday. I may look later in the year and see what tuffy has because although these look nice, nice does not protect my ride like it should.
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So I'm trying to figure out what pictures everyone is looking at to base their comments on. I don't see anything in this thread.

Or maybe you can compare them to something like this:
Dodge Nitro Slush Style Floor Mats
AirJunky, those are the ones & they are the people I got them from.I really like them they have had a lot of use this winter so far & are holding up well. They do trap the snow, ice, water whatever. Think I will leave them in year round & save the carpet.
I like them too...they'd come in handy if we ever got some heavy snowfall. i felt bad when we trashed the premium ones last week. My nitro is so dirty but I can't wash it! Single digits all weekend...

The Black Mamba is in for some pampering in the spring...
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