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Smoked tailights

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Has anyone see where i can get some?
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Has anyone see where i can get some?
I've seen them on ebay.
paint em yourself. NIGHT SHADEZ. search amazon for it, 10 $ per can......

I couldn't find it on amazon either, but found this on ebay:
$26.95 for shipping? yikes

i got mine here:

summit charges $11.95 for shipping, no matter the number of items you purchase (that of corse does not include items like rims or engines)
I think some of these ebay vendors try to make money on the shipping! nice catch with Summit Racing, that is a great site!
i have been purchasing from summit racing since about 1985 they are awsume, have tons of items, cheap fast shipping (i always get my items the next day) & they match prices

i have built more cars buying parts from them then i want to remember (spent way way to much money there, i must own half the place by now hehehe)

great place :smileup:
I had the opportunity to use their phone support and they were awsome there too! thy worked it out so I could get my muffler and exhaust tips shipped directly to NC instead of to Canada. I wasn't even asked my order number or phone number or anything, as soon as the operator was on the phone with me, they had my account open and my order open and they already knew why I was calling! That is impressive customer support!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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