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So I got her a lil muddy.

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So I took her off road, down by the river.

well before i get into it, lets just say that the 4x4 is well a lil sticky, haha.

I got her out, after 4 hrs of seating there, and a jeep, and I mean a JEEP to come pull me out, what a f-ing joke. But gotta love it
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Right on! So did you get out on your own or did the Jeep have to yank ya? What did you attach to do the pulling?

This is exactly why I ride a quad instead..... keeps the truck nice & allows me to do all the thrashing in the mud I want. And when the 4x4 breaks, I load it up in pieces, drag it home & fix it later. Then drive the Nitro to work.
We got a chain and hooked it on the back under the back bumper, and hooked it to my dad's jeep and he pulled me out. But i ain't going back out there that is for sure. haha.....
Too bad, looks like you almost made it too! I haven't found anything to attach to on the front of these things. It needs a pair of those big rings from a Hummer on the bumper!
They got that bull bar with skid plate, but i dunno about that.
Yea, I like how that bull bar looks, but I doubt it will hold up to any pulling from it. Probably tear it off the truck!
Another item to add to the wish list for future NITRO's tow hooks or eyes Front & back. But I bet it was still fun.:ura1:while it lasted.
Oh yeah it was fun till it started getting dark out there. HAHA.....Glad I put in that touch screen dvd in dash, I was setting in there just watching a movie most of the time.
Looks like fun.

You said you hooked up to the back bump. That pic looks like you tried the front first.
Well we was going to try the front first, but then my buddy got stuck showing out, his front end fell into a sink hole. So the rope was just kinda there. We never tried from the front.
That is just unbelivable. Mud on a Nitro. Who would have thunk it. And then not to be self sufficient!! Well, Ma Mopar still took care of her baby didn't she?
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