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Being somewhat disappointed in the hard plastic finish of some of the interior surfaces, i did this. I bought some craft foam at the local hobby/craft store. Its 2mm thick and comes in a variety of colors. It costs less than a $1 for a 9" x 12" sheet. Some even have adhesive already on it, so its peel and stick. I made a pattern from paper of the interior of the console tray and cut the foam to fit. I used the red foam for this. Now the stuff I keep in there doesn't slide around and it looks good too. Of course that wasn't enough. I took a sheet of the black foam and covered the top of the tray also. You can find all kinds of uses for this stuff. I lined the little tray behind the 4wd selector knob, the shallow bin on the right rear side of the cargo area. I used the gray foam to cover the sides and bottom of the console bin. The light color makes it easier to see in there too. The sheets that come without adhesive, I used 3M 77 spray adhesive to attach them. I also am going to line the compartment under the load n go with the black waffle foam they make for the inside of tool boxes. will post pics of that and bin interior later.


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